AutoRecalls – Recall checking made easy

Recall checking made easy

SuperRecall automatically compares vehicles from a dealership’s customer database against the most accurate recall data available. To help you manage your recall campaigns, key functions include: campaign scheduling, recall filtering, ZIP code radius limits, automated data uploads, and downloads.


Online Dashboard

main features

Utilize the dashboard to see the most important data at your fingertips.
csv files

Custom Scheduling

main features

Set monthly timing and quantities to target your desired amount of recalls each month.

SuperRecall is Ideal for Marketing Agencies

Manage dealer recall campaigns in one dashboard, utilize custom filters by dealer to cater to each dealer’s unique circumstances, filter recall types for the most lucrative campaigns, and generate high ROI campaigns by limiting the geographic range.


Recall Targeting

Identify specific recalls to customize your marketing campaign and more effectively manage your marketing dollars.



Radius Filtering

Set a radius around your dealership to narrow down targeted customers in your desired geographical area.



CSV Files

Receive automated file imports and exports for easy integration.

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