AutoRecalls – Recall checking made easy

Recall checking made easy

SuperBulk supports high volume Open Recall identification, whether you need to check hundreds of VINs or hundreds of thousands, just provide your VIN list and let AutoRecalls do the rest!

Recall Checking for Dealership and Fleet Inventory


CSV Files

main features

Receive automated file imports and exports for easy integration.

Automated File Dropoff

main features

Set and forget your file drops with automated scheduling for output files.

SuperBulk is Best for Marketing Agencies

Check large quantities of VINs to find recalls, narrow your marketing population to produce stronger campaign results, and augment conquest data with recall information.


Batch Complete Notifications

Receive notifications when your batches are completed, so you can utilize the recall data you need immediately.



Recall Filtering

Customize the database to output only the data you need to power your business and jumpstart your campaigns.

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